Top Things To Do In Chicago

Chicago can be a magical place for lovers, an adventurous zone for the wild hearted and a unique sightseeing experience for the tourist. One of America’s most populated cities, this area is located in Illinois and is often the chosen destination for many people due to the number of opportunities available to have a great time. Whether you’re traveling with your significant other, friends or spending some alone time, Chicago has something for almost everyone, from historic museums, art galleries, Piers, theme parks and many other exciting places. Here is a list of things to do in Chicago! To have the best experience possible, it might be a smart move to prepare your trip beforehand.

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1. Chicago architecture river cruise

Chicago Architecture Foundation

224 S. Michigan Ave.

Chicago, IL 60604


If you love seeing new places, myriad of buildings, their unique designs, or if you are an art enthusiast, Chicago architecture river cruise is a must! Along with Chicago’s most historic river, you go down a journey of learning and discovering new places that will blow your mind. Usually, this trip has an instructor on board who guides all the tourists about the places they are viewing. The best part of this trip is to seeing the Chicago skyline in all its glory, the sight is completely mesmerizing, and if the cruise is planned at night, the sheer lights of the building, the beautiful big moon, the soft breeze on the river, is one of the most romantic and breath-taking experience you can ever have. There is champagne on the cruise and restrooms are also available, in fact, there is an entire bar available on the boat. You start from the Navy Pier or Michigan Avenue and then move along, while it ends on the same destination. The guide will provide a comprehensive introduction to all the marvelous sites, their profound history as well as the city landmarks along the way. This cruise is perfect if shared with others, and can be a great part of the honeymoon. However, the cruise can also be a great experience to share with friends or family. 


2. The Art institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago, founded in 1879 and located in Chicago's Grant Park, is one of the oldest and largest art museums in the United States. Wikipedia

Address: 111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

Phone: (312) 443-3600

For art lovers and romantics, the art institute of Chicago has the best paintings and galleries available. The paintings are also up for sale, and the museum has some of the most famous pieces available. The gallery is a rich and classy journey, with history and heritage preserved inside. From statues, paintings, abstracts to artistic masterpieces, this place has it all! The place is highly enjoyable with loved ones and family members; however, it is also a unique place to explore on your own. There are guides available that explain the art pieces as you go along.


3. Chicago Temple

77 W. Washington St. Chicago, IL 60602


If you are a religious person or an art lover, then sacred sites will appeal to you in Chicago. The Chicago Temple is, in fact, the largest building in Chicago and one the most breath-taking sacred sites on earth. The stark colors, raw beauty and air of holiness make this site an amazing place to visit. Moreover, the site also can be a great place to take pictures, attend a sermon or just pass through. It is one of those sites which you can see even if you are short on time so you must keep it in your list of things to do in Chicago. 


4. Cloud gate

Chicago, IL 60601

If you’ve been to Chicago and haven’t seen Cloud gate, then have you really been there? It’s almost incumbent on one to see this amazing art piece, maybe take a few snaps for memory. This historic masterpiece is found near Michigan Avenue, and you are even allowed to touch it or walk around it. The mirror like the feel of the sculpture radiates the city background and makes for a truly unique site to lay your eyes on.


5. Skydeck Chicago

Located in: Willis Tower

Address: Willis Tower, 233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60606

Phone: (312) 875-9447

If you are not afraid of heights, then Sky deck Chicago will be on the list of places that you must see before you leave. This allows you to lay your eyes on the city atop a 103rd floor of Willis tower. There is also a theater available in the Skydeck so you can watch the video of the historic importance of the site. The glass balcony may throw some people off, especially if you suffer from height phobia, but the thrill you get from this experience is something you will truly remember forever. For extra thrills, you can also walk out onto the ledge and get a glimpse of the Navy Pier!